Meal Planner of Shreshtians

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Meal Planner of Shreshtians:

Stuck on what to pack in your kid’s school lunch? We’ve provided weekly lunch planer for Shreshtians that’ll keep them bringing home an empty lunchbox.

The meal plans are well thought out according to the nutritional requirements of Shreshtians (pre-school children) with the taste appeal, spice levels etc. of fussy kids in mind. Meal plans are handled by our nutritionist and dietician who believes that active children need maximum nutrition that they can draw upon.

Monday Daliya and Sprouts
Tuesday Mixveg. with Paratha / Roti, Curd
Wednesday Khichdi with lots of Vegetables
Thursday Idli / Poha and Salad
Friday Veg. stuffed Paratha, Puffed Rice with Channa, Dry Fruits
Saturday Meal which they ignored