72nd Independence Day

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The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated in Shreshth Play School with pride, honor and joy. Chairperson Ms. Meera Aacharya, all the trustees Mr. Basir Ahmad, Mr. Gokul Sharma and Mr. Tarun including the Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta and all the teachers and staff were present at the time of celebration. The chairperson Ms. Meera Aacharya hoisted the flag with the sound of national anthem. Then followed the program prepared by all the Shreshtians kids and their respected teachers. All the three groups play, nursery and prep performed on the stage and it was delightful to watch those little kids performing on the stage so gracefully. Overall it was a wonderful celebration that lasted for three hours,all the Shreshtians enjoyed it with the peal of Vande Mataram and Jai Hind.